Valentine’s Day countdown is just about to begin, and most of us are all geared up to do something very special for our Valentine. It’s feeling of love that energizes, and motivates us to do something to surprise your valentine. So, why not thinking big and giving a great surprise to your valentine? How about decorating your home especially living and bedroom to impress your beloved?

Love is more about the care and affection that you show to your spouse or partner. So, each and every bit that you are doing for them must be perfect. Try to maintain perfection while decorating your living room and bedroom for the valentine’s day occasion, and do follow the mentioned ideas.

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Start off the decorating task by creating some space. Make your room look clutter free and spacious. Put aside things that you don’t need, maybe in a different room, or in the store room. Create some breathing space; it will make your room look good and spacious.

Revamp the rooms

As it’s a valentine’s day, try to select a theme that is cute, passionate, and evoke a lovely feeling. Do not select a theme that’s out of context or boring. Decide the theme, and set everything accordingly.                                                                                                       Choosing right colour for decorating the room is a must. There are several shades of colours that you can use for different occasions. Since you are planning to decorate your bedroom and living room for this special occasion, you can choose any colour such as pink, red, maroon, and any other shade that your spouse/partner likes.

You may change your bedroom and living room curtains, to provide the room with a fresh look. Change the old curtains and use new ones, and ensure it goes will with the shade of the room’s wall. You can decorate the curtains as well by putting laces or ribbons around it, to make it look even better.

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Small and simple cushion gives furnishes a voguish look. So, you can add some small cushions on your bed, or couch. Since its Valentine’s Day, add some red or pink heart shaped cushions, along with some romantic message inscribed on it.

To create a romantic environment, use scented candles or now a days you have essential oil lamps too, which can be lit to spread pleasant aroma. Nothing works better than candlelight, to create a beautiful and romantic ambience. Decorate your center table with candles and rose petals for a precious coffee time with your partner.

To brighten a space, cut doilies from different stencils on paper sacks, and use them as luminaries in your home. Line up the paper bags, nestle a lit candle in a pile of kitty litter or sand inside each sack, and turn off the lights to set the mood. Allow the soft glow of the luminaries to guide your beau to the dining nook for a special, private dinner date.

If you want to stick with your electric lamps, then try dim lamps or fairy lights. Don’t go for lights which are very bright, because it will spoil the mood completely.

Flowers can do wonder! Flowers can be easily used to decorate your rooms in valentine’s day. You can either put them in vases, or sprinkle their petals over the bed. But try using roses, over any other flowers, because it symbolises love.The rose is considered to be the eternal symbol of love. Make bouquets using red and white roses and tie them together with pieces of string. They look especially beautiful in outdoor settings such as the garden or balcony area.

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You can also put valentine’s garland. You can find wire garland with red or pink hearts. Many stores also have tinsel type garland with cupids or hearts and some are just in Valentine’s Day colours of white and red, pink, or purple.

To make your living room and bedroom look romantic, hang or tie some balloons. Balloons are easily available in the markets in various sizes, shapes and colours. Use a few balloons and tie them using ribbons. Then hang or tie them near the bed, with the windows or etc. You can use gas balloons which float easily, so you need not hang them, just let them float near your ceiling.

Since the day is of love, the dining tables cannot be left to just serving dishes and bottles of wine. Candles, natural or artificial flowers and cards can be used to make the dining a special affair. The table can be given a valentine’s theme by using napkins and table sheets in the shades of red and blue. Don’t forget to have warm, soft lights overlooking the table.

Decorate your home for with beautiful and heart touching homemade cards. Use card stock, lace dollies and glue to layer a heart design.

Dress up your front door with a Valentine’s Day wreath made of lollipops, wrapped candies and a big, red bow. Collect Valentines, cupid figurines or even a collection of old, mismatched buttons, and attach them to your wreath

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