We all crave for silky smooth hair through which we can effortlessly run our fingers. But for that you don’t need to spend bomb taking a sitting of beauty parlour. All the secrets to shiny smooth hair are hidden in our kitchen. Here are some ingredients that will not only give you soft hair but are safe and economical.



Eggs are rich in protein and fatty acid, so they aid in adding moisture and shine to the hair, repairing damaged and rough hair.

Coconut oil

Massaging your scalp ones in a week will battle damage and dryness. It will also make the hair frizz free, soft and shiny. Regular coconut oil massage will keep your scalp and hair happy.


The high level of fat content in mayo acts as a moisturiser, making your hair soft immediately. Use full fat, plain mayonnaise mask on damp hair and keep it for at least 30 minutes.


The lactic acid found in yoghurt acts as a softening agent for hair. Apply unflavoured, fresh yoghurt on your hiar for 20 minutes and wash off with tap water. You will fall in love with your soft hair.


Aloe vera and honey

These ingredients will make your hair soft and glossy. Mix aloe vera gel with some honey and use as a hair pack whenever you want soft hair.

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