Homemade Magic Hair Growth Oils -Part 1

Are you buying an expensive bottle of hair oil to pamper your tresses? There is no need to use a horde of salon-based products, lots of costly vitamins, or make any sacrifices in what you eat and do. You could get the desired results, using DIY oils for haircare. When used regularly, these magical oils promote hair growth and also maintain your hair’s elegance. There are several homemade hair oils for hair growth which reduce and stop hair fall. Base oil used for this preparation can be either coconut oil or sesame oil or mustard oil.


Hibiscus Hair oil: Hibiscus is a wonderful plant product for hair. Dry about 15-20 hibiscus flowers (red variety) in the sun. Heat 100 ml coconut oil, add the dried flowers, boil it for a few minutes and when the fumes start coming add three leaves of tulsi and add few grains of corn or rice or fenugreek. It soon pops up. Switch off the flame. Allow it to cool.  Let the flowers remain in the oil for 2 days. Filter and bottle it. Apply this oil consistently at least thrice a week to keep your hair healthy and promote hair growth.

Combination oil: This combo magical hair growth oil is a heavenly treatment for your damaged tresses.

Mix 100 ml of each of the following oils: Coconut; Olive; Sesame; Mustard; Almond and Castor, and place on low heat. Add two fistfuls of curry leaves and amla (dry gooseberry) to the oil and wait till the leaves turn dark.  Cut onions into small pieces and add to the oil (heat until they turn brown). Strain the oil and keep it in a bottle. It can be used for 1-2 months. Apply the oil on your hair and scalp twice a week to boost your hair growth, in addition to conditioning and protecting it. Apply on hair lengths and comb through. Let it sit for at least an hour or better still overnight. Wash it off and welcome beautiful tresses!

Henna Hair oil: Since time immemorial, Indian women have used henna to colour their hair and also to increase their strength and growth. It pre-conditions your hair against dandruff or other fungal infection on hair. Take one or two spoonful of Henna powder or a cup of henna leaves dried in the shade. Boil it in 200 ml of oil -coconut oil/mustard/sesame. Allow it to cool. Filter it and use that oil to massage your scalp. It strengthens your hair roots and prevents hair fall. Use weekly once for best results.

Curry Leaves Oil: Women in South India swear by hair oil made out of curry leaves to nourish the hair.  Boil 100 ml of coconut oil and add a handful of curry leaves to it. Then switch off the stove. After it cools, filter it and pour into the bottle and use it for massaging the hair. This prevents hair fall and also premature greying of hair.

Tulsi Hair Oil: Some people may have sweaty scalp or scalp with hot boils. In these cases homemade tulsi hair oil will help you. Tulsi leaves and coconut oil are the ingredients to make this hair oil. Fresh tulsi leaves are good, but if it is not available you can use tulsi powder. Get one or two bunches of tulsi leaves. Chop the leaves and put it in a mixer and crush it. Transfer the content from the mixer to a heating bowl. Add 1/2 cup coconut oil. Mix well and start heating on low flame. When fumes start coming out add few grains of corn or fenugreek. Switch off the stove when you see the grains popping out. Allow the oil to cool. Then sieve the oil and store it in a proper container. When required, warm it and apply on entire hair. Wash after half an hour. This can be done once a week.

Fenugreek Oil: This oil can do wonders for your hair.  Fenugreek contains a good amount of lecithin, a protein that strengthens the hair shaft and makes it shiny and soft. It  also increases hair length and removes dandruff. Take some powdered methi seeds and heat them up with coconut oil. Strain the oil off the residue if desired. Apply to roots and lengths, and give a good massage. Applying twice a week will be very beneficial for your tresses. #Comebacktomorrow