Just when we thought that there’s nothing more to Ram Rahim Singh’s episode, something new got unveiled.

Recently, Vishwas Gupta, who is the ex-husband of Honeypreet Insan, opened up in public to make some horrific revelations about his ex-wife and her relations with Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh.

Vishwas claimed that his ex-wife is not the adopted daughter of Dera Sacha Sauda chief Gurmeet Ram Raheem Singh and that it was all just a sham to fool people.

Even after knowing that Ram Rahim was in jail under tight security, Vishwas was scared about what would happen to him after making these revelations.

Talking to media, here’s all that Vishwas Gupta revealed:
1) Ram Rahim Singh and Honeypreet don’t share a father-daughter relation

Earlier it was proved that Honeypreet is Gurmeet’s adopted daughter. But Vishwas confessed that no legal adoption ever took place. He said, “In no way is Honeypreet Ram Rahim’s daughter. No legal adoption was done. It is all a sham”.

2) Ram Rahim Singh made them play a game like Big Boss

Vishwas shared one of his experiences at Ram Rahim’s headquarters and said, “Ram Rahim made us play a game like Bigg Boss in his cave, we were six couples (family members) and spent 28 days there. Ram Rahim used to call me and my wife Honeypreet to his cave. He also used to take Honeypreet to his room for more than hours. We had deep faith on Gurmeet Singh. He treated me as his son-in-law”

3) Ram Rahim Singh had constant possession of arms

Former husband of Honeypreet also said, “Ram Rahim always kept a big box of arms along, his men used to put in whichever car Ram Rahim travelled in.”

4) Ram Rahim Singh is a Powerful person

“Ram Rahim is very powerful even though he is in jail. Once I go back after this press conference I don’t know if you’ll see me again. I have threat for my life,” Vishwas added.

5) Ram Rahim threatened Vishwas

Vishwas revealed that he had once caught his ex-wife and Gurmeet in a compromising situation and before he could do anything about it, Rahim threatened him that he would kill him if he opens his mouth. Here’s exactly what Vishwas quoted- “The baba threatened to get me and my family eliminated if I uttered anything about what I had seen. My life was ruined.” He also told that, “After the threat, I left for my home. Two guards (of Ram Rahim) were given orders to eliminate me. We left the Dera in July 2011 and shifted to Panchkula. My father had sold all our properties and invested in the Dera campus. In Panchkula, I was trailed by Dera followers.”

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