Remember Angelina Idnani aka Princess from Ta Ra Rum Pum? I am sure, you do. The little kids and their high-on-emotion performances swooned away our hearts. Especially, Angelina, who played the role of sensitive and pseudo-sensible elder sibling who secretly starves herself, eats leftovers of other kids to help her parents in chronic financial crisis but ends up getting severely ill. Oops.

The film released in 2007 and is still somewhere down the line etched in our hearts. Yes, it has been a decade! The then sweet-innocent-supercute looking girl, Angelina has grown gorgeous in these 10 years. Have a look at her stunning latest pictures.

Angelina, you hottiieee !❤️

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Even though her performance was immensely applauded, she didn’t get much prominent roles afterwards. But, doesn’t she look all ready to hit the screens all again?

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