HotShots – The OTT Application For Pornographic Content Has Become The Center Of Raj Kundra’s Controversy

The Mumbai police on Tuesday made a shocking revelation which arrested the renowned businessman Raj Kundra and his brother-in-law as the alleged masterminds behind an international porn film racket perpetrated through their content production organizations based in India and United Kingdom. Raj Kundra has been reportedly being alleged as the key conspirator in the case related to the production and publishing of pornographic films through mobile applications. Although the production of pornography has been banned and considered to be illegal in India, this controversy has been centered around the HotShot application, which has been now removed from the Google and Apple Play Store.

The HotShot application is reportedly depicted as the world’s first 18+ app portraying some of the hottest models and celebrities internationally in exclusive photographs, short films, hot videos which implies soft o hard pornography. The android application package of this app is available on various websites. The store description of the app goes as ‘HD videos & short movies with unmatched exposure’ and makes a promise of ‘private content from hot photoshoots, short movies, and experience of the lifestyle of celebrities from all over the world”. This application also offers live communication with ‘some of the hottest models around the world’.

The joint police commissioner of the Mumbai crime branch, Milind Bharambe said that the two companies had a mobile application named, ‘HotShots Digital Entertainment’ which is developed by Kenrin Ltd.

According to the Mumbai Police, the Crime Branch registered a case in February related to Pornographic films and there it was allegedly discovered that new actors were promised roles in web series and short stories and were eventually asked to do bold scenes in auditions. The Join Commissioner, Milind Bharambe further said, “They (young aspiring actresses) were called for auditions and after selection, were made to do bold scenes, which went onto semi-nude and then full-nude shoots. Some of them strongly opposed this and had approached the police,”

As per Milind’s extra addition, “During a detailed investigation, it was found that Raj Kundra’s company, Viaan, had a tie-up with a London-based company Kenrin that owns the controversial mobile application HotShots. All nude content created in Mumbai was published on HotShots, which was operated from Mumbai”

After the grant of the court’s permission, the offices of Raj Kundra were thoroughly searched and a few clips were also found there. Therefore, the case will go on as long as the dispute isn’t solved. We hope for the truth to unleash and best of interest for everyone.

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