Women are fantastic drivers, being 3.4 times less likely than men to receive a ticket for reckless driving. Yet they are less likely to consider a road trip when planning a vacation. If you are looking for the ultimate escape to focus on lowering stress and increasing levels of happiness, then getting in a car or RV may be your best option. Whether traveling solo and enjoying the alone time or going on adventures with a couple of your best friends, here’s how a road trip will boost your well-being.

Taking Control

There are many things in life that are out of your control, and this can cause negative emotions. Maybe it’s feeling under too much pressure at work or struggling to maintain relationships. Instead, focus on areas that you can control. The feeling of being physically in control of an RV or car can be incredibly empowering for women, more so than taking public transport. You’re also in control of your choice of motor vehicle and where you take it. A road trip, therefore, can reinforce a feeling of confidence in your life.

Shifting Perspectives

Stuck in a rut? Often people who are depressed or anxious get caught in a very narrow way of thinking. Feelings of worthlessness become solidified as the negative neural pathways are reinforced. By getting in the car and traveling somewhere new, your brain is forced to see life from a new perspective. This can give your mind the flexibility to look at situations from a new angle. Often, it is not your circumstances or experiences that are causing unhappiness, but your thoughts about them. Taking a journey offers a chance to reframe your life situation more positively.

The Freedom Of Flexibility

Everyday life can be a rigid, heavily scheduled affair. You need to wake up at a certain time in order to shower, get the kids fed and dropped off at school, and then get yourself to work, in which every task of the day has been handed down to you by management. Over time, this can wear a person down. Road trips are almost the polar opposite. You can go wherever your mood takes you, at your own pace. When traveling, no one’s telling you when to shower. In fact, you can probably skip showers altogether, if you want to. This flexibility offers a feeling of freedom like nothing else.

Taking control, shifting mental perspectives, and increasing freedom are all things women should be doing more. While all kinds of travel and vacations can do this, there’s something special about a road trip. So load up your playlist, fill up on gas, and see what hitting the open road does for your mental health.