Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” Bollywood has always been a companion for putting our feelings into soulful lyrics. Well thank us later, we’ve listed down the songs that match your mood according to your zodiac signs! Aries – You are active, energetic, and have a very positive outlook about life. You are exactly like ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’. You are an explorer and wanderlust. You believe in ‘taking a chill-pill’ in every situation. You are blunt while speaking which might hurt someone’s sentiments at times. Song – Illahi (Kal Pe Sawaal Hai Jeena Filhaal Hai)
Taurus – You are a die-hard romantic, too loving and sensual, sometimes dependable, yet independent financially so you don’t have to look out for support. If you have set a target, you make sure you achieve it, by hook or by crook. Song– Dhadak ( Ek dooje ke liye hain, neend meri, khaab tera)
Gemini– You are adjustable full of life, fun loving, chilled out and carefree. Your sense of humour makes everyone smile and the best part about you is that you’re always up for learning new things. One negative trait about you is that you’re poor at decision-making. Song–  Masakalli (Tujhe kya gum tera ristha Gagan ki bansuri se hai Pawan ki guftagu se hai Suraj ki roshani se hai )
Cancer– You are amazing at reading people’s mind. Unbelievably passionate lover, you’re exactly like our king khan. Your heart is sensitive and you can’t manage to deal with heartbreaks. You’re all cool and composed until and unless someone provokes you. Song– Saathiya (Hansti rahe tu hansti rahe,Hayaa ki laali khilti rahe)
Leo – The one with a golden heart, always have a lot of love to give to everyone. ’L’ in Leo stands for loyalty, we suppose because you’re extremely loyal towards everyone. You absolutely love adventures and fun-times. You believe in turning your dreams into reality. Song– Love you zindagi (Aane do, aane do, di main aa jaane do, kehdo muskurahat ko Hi Hi )
Virgo– You’re an all-rounder; a mix of intelligence, fun-loving, care-free, humorous and what not? ‘Azaad Panchi’ is what we’d call you and oh, your spirit song? Here it is. Song– Khaabon Ke Parindey ( ohho, ab toh, Jo bhi ho so ho)
Libra– Most romantic of all zodiac signs, you’re caring, have a charming personality, avoid any kind of stress. You’re materialistic to some extent. Also. you’re indecisive in nature. Song– Shaam (sham bhi koi, jiase hai nadi, leher leher jaise beh rahi hai)
Scorpio– Hello there, brave humans! You’re ambitious, kinda jealous, faithful and you very well know how to balance things out. Introverts, or maybe secretive? Figure it out yourself and let us know! Song– Afreen Afreen (Husn-E-Janaa Kee Tareef Mumkin Nahi Afreen Afreen Afreeeen Afreeen)
Sagittarius– The word curiosity defines you. Oh-so-fun stuff is always your thing but you should definitely change your careless and impatient attitude. Over confidence doesn’t always help. Again they’re way too honest that it might hurt the other person. Song– Roobaroo (Abhi Abhi Huaa Yaqeen Ki Aag Hai Mujh Mein Kahi)
Capricorn– Practical- Thinkers as We’d call you. You’re workaholic, relentless, too disciplined to handle. You’re mature enough to deal with any situation. Your life mantra is now or never”. You are a perfectionist when it comes to friendships and relationship. Song– Kal Ho na Ho (Har pal yahan jee bhar jiyo Jo hai sama,kal ho na ho)
Aquarius – You’re assertive by nature. You are the ones who believe in walking the path no one else ever has. Affectionate, furious, and unconventional define you completely. Living life to the fullest is your mantra. Song– In Dino (Tu khaab saja, tu jee le zara)
Pisces– Awww so adorable and fun loving you are! That childlike innocence is loved by everyone, but that doesn’t mean you’re weak. You are equally fierce and strong when it comes to taking tough decisions in life. You’re idealistic and this is both, your negative and positive traits. Song– Ae zindagi Gale laga le ( humne bhi,tere harik gamm ko gale se lagaaya hai,hai na?)
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