How real are reality shows?

When we talk about reality shows, what comes in our mind? It’s transparency. In a country like India where nothing sells better than reality shows, raises some doubts like are these reality shows doing justice with its name in real sense?

By the name reality shows, we picturize things which takes place in real and actual manner and something which is not scripted. Now a day’s Indian television is flooded with different genres of shows but the one which generates the highest TRPs is reality show. We have got a different craze for this show as it’s portrays itself in a way we all connect. Basically most of the reality shows cash on emotional dramas of the participants and viewers and leaves a major question how real these shows are? Well that’s a very subjective and complicated question. Fake isn’t the correct term, but “creatively edited” and “opportunistically staged” are more accurate.

While these shows are entertaining and may make us feel more connected to the characters we are viewing, they aren’t always as “real” as the show’s production team would like us to believe. It is edited in a way to be more entertaining. There’s also the fact that the producers of these shows “encourage” certain things to happen to improve ratings. Reality shows are great ways to make money and hence producers of these shows can apply any crook and means to achieve their target to earn more and more profit, for this they stage the show in such a manner it will directly hit the emotional cord of the people and they become sentimentally connected to these shows . It is real because you are seeing an actual chain of events but is not real in the sense that these chains of events have been manipulated by script writers, consultants, directors and , they are edited and more paparazzi is added to make it more dramatic and exciting.


Let’s take for instance, a show like BIGG BOSS, since season 1 till now this show never missed a chance to entertain its audience. It’s a celebrity based reality show where the format and plot is set in such a dramatic manner that it grabs attention of the audience with such ease. Audience are keen to know how their favourite celebrities live their life and conduct themselves in challenging situation like in there in BIGG BOSS house. This show shows so much exaggerated and extravagance drama and people just love to watch it and enjoy it. The directors and producers put all the efforts behind-the-scenes that works as secrets that go into creating the drama you see on successful reality shows. Outrageous, dramatic, instructional, and even touching reality shows have grown into a huge business over the past two decades and it will continue to grow as who doesn’t like spice ,gossips ,we all love and enjoy stuffs full of conflicts ,emotions etc.
One thing is clear that only for the name sake these shows are known as reality shows, and real is the last thing to describe these shows.