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They say it takes 21 days to change a habit, and surely that’s one of the best things you could hear on your journey of self-development! While it may seem like an exhausting idea to some, the “glass half full” ones will tell you that it’s the briefest journey you could take to reach a better place in life. It may be important to remember though that three weeks are only a matter of time, and what is really important is what you choose to do in that (or any) time.

Myth Or Truth: It’s All Relative

The 21-day theory was first propounded by Maxwell Maltz in the 1950s.  However, a 2009 study by the European Journal of Social Psychology inferred that it can take anywhere between 18 to 254 days for someone to form a new habit. Confused? Let’s face it, the world is constantly evolving due to open experimentation, and this case is no different. If you’re looking to bring a change in your life, it doesn’t have to have hefty research or a pushy motivation to back you up. All it needs is smart, personalized planning. Hence was discovered the middle ground where you start by noting how the process goes for the first 21 days, and then positively continue with the goal at hand until it sets naturally into your system (whenever that may be, it’s okay!)

Build a Habit

Sometimes it can get tough to strike a balance in life. And that’s when we turn to our unquestionable companions: books. Because while helping one layout a tried and tested process of growth, the written word helps you understand and apply it all in your own personal context.

The book that we discovered to change and acquire our habits was “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David Shwartz. It provides a simple task to follow to grow closer to your ideal self. The fact that the rest of the entire book is a self help guide – on how to improve your thinking to achieve wellness – made it easy for us to stick to the process.


The Task

This particular task asks you to make a monthly list of the following :

● Break these habits
● Acquire these habits
● Increase my value as an employee
● Bring value to my home life
● Sharpen my mind in these ways

You can put down as many or fewer goals as you’re comfortable with.

The How-To

Begin with observation. That is our biggest takeaway from this book. No matter how monumental a task may seem, it’s always best to start with the seemingly underwhelming element of observing: where you’re at; what problems you face; what inspires you; what doesn’t. All this does is make the process feel less scary than it seems because you slowly become a part of it without even realizing it.

Once you’re ready, act. Of course, that’s easier said than done. But here’s the truth: what you feel like doing is not always what you need to do. So sometimes you have to just shut your mind off, command your body and perform the actions that look like the idea of your ideal self.

So Why Even 21 Days?

Our secret to you? Stop thinking about whether it’s taking 1 day or 21 days. It’s when you stop worrying about the deadline that you start enjoying the experience of process and magic happens in the natural way that the universe intends. So get that diary out (yes, we’re pen-and-paper people), make your list, self introspect, and start with mechanical action. Be it the fifth or the twentieth day, your action

will translate into a gesture you understand in its depth, and when there is a gesture that you understand and relate to, there is no way you ever stop continually going back to it. Isn’t that exactly what a habit is?

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