Ghosting has become very common these days than ever. Ghosting is a term used for a person whose partner has left him/her all of sudden without any reason. A ghosted person find it very difficult to cope up with the entire situation. Many times a relationship goes well and suddenly you find your partner stop taking your calls or replying to your messages. This leaves a person feeling bitter and distressed. Here’s how you should cope with this situation.
Not Your Fault
Don’t blame yourself for whatever has happened. This kind of behaviour will only prove that he’s untrustworthy and really not worth your time.
Don’t Wait
You might feel like giving him the benefit of the doubt. But don’t wait for him and justify his act. If you think that he is ignoring you, just move on.
Just Dating
Keep it very casual when you have just started seeing someone, especially if you have met him on some dating app. Probability is things may or may not work – so be prepared for it.
Be Optimistic
It’s normal to feel hurt if you get ghosted. It can shake your confidence but it’s not the end of the world. So focus on other positive things in life.
Start Afresh
There’s no point in sitting at home and sobbing, get out, find someone worth your time!
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