How To Keep Your Relationship Healthy And Alive?; Read To Find Out



Healthy relationships, not only increase your happiness but also improve your mental health and reduce stress. You can face ups and downs in your relationship, but still you can find ways to keep your relationship alive.

A healthy relationship means sharing a common goal, happiness, sadness and life events.

There are many ways you can find to keep the spark in your relationship.

(1)  Communicate –

Good communication is essential for a healthy relationship. You feel safe when you experience an emotional connection with your partner. Tell each other what you need, No one is a mind-reader. Always be clear to your partner about your thoughts and expectations. You should also be aware of things happening in your partner’s life. Always show interest while talking to them. Share everything.

(2) Keep physical intimacy alive-

Intimacy is not only about sex. Regular affectionate contact can influence attachment and bonding. Physical touch like holding hands, cuddling, kissing is equally important.


(3) Personal Space –

Give your partner their personal space. Do not control them. They can have a life outside the relationship too. Let them go out with their friends, let them do what they love doing.

(4) Become best friends

Share a bond where your partner feels comfortable talking to you about anything. Show them that you can be their best friend too. Enjoy each other’s company, do fun activities together and support them.


(5) Do things to show love

With time, we stop making general efforts, we once made in the beginning. It is the first thing your partner will notice once you stop making an effort like you used to do. Start showing your love again.


(6) Solve problems together

Be a good listener and always listen to your partner too. Do not get angry without understanding the situation. Sit together and listen to each other, know the facts and then try to find solutions. Getting angry is never a solution.


(7) Always be honest

Always tell me about the things that happened to you. Do not hide things. Trust is the key to a relationship. Never lie, never hide if you want to keep the trust. Take responsibilities for your mistakes.


(8) Keep your life balanced

Try to give your time to everything. Give time to your career, your relationship, yourself and other activities. It’s hard, but it’s also necessary for a healthy relationship.


(9)  Always be there when in need

If your partner is stressed and in trouble, they will always come to you first. Always stay available for them. Never let them go through the situation alone. Sometimes you will have to compromise some things to make the situation better.


(10) Spend quality time

Spare some weekends to spend time with your loved ones. Go out for dinner, take a small vacation, do little things and remind them that you miss spending time with them.


(11) Respect each other

You both have your own identity and profile. Always show respect to each other. Respect the decisions too. Do not question their character and honesty.


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