How To Maintain Sanity In Pandemic: Tips For Mental Health

We are almost two years into this pandemic but the situation has only become tougher instead of ease-out, with many of us have lost our loved ones and many are still grappling with the mental trauma of illness and depression of being trapped in the home. Although our mental stability has gone through a major flip certainly there are certain tips to manages our sanity in these tough times.

Meditation: Practicing mindfulness through meditation could help a lot to your mind.

Meditation is the need of an hour in the present times, it will help you to focus on the present rather than worrying about the past and future. 

Exercising every day

Exercising will be great in releasing your happy hormones and keep you fresh and alive throughout the day. Maintaining the exercising routine will keep your mind and body active.

Share your feeling

By sharing your feelings and thoughts, you will be able to release the unending emotions in your mind and definitely will be able to feel the new you.   

Music Therapy

Music therapy really works in uplifting and shifting moods. If you are feeling low then music has the potential to bring positive change in your attitude, Music therapy is an excellent way to relax oneself.

Keeping Journal of your emotions

Journaling your thoughts can help to maintain the record of your emotions which can help you de-clutter and bring clarity to your thinking.

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