How To Minimize Plastic Wastage – Start Today To Save Our Planet

Ever heard of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? It is a giant floating mass of plastic trash in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. According to experts, the size of the Garbage Patch is somewhere between the size of Texas and the continental United States. Around 20 billion pounds of plastic are added to it each year.

Is there a way by which we can minimize the huge and deadly plastic mess which might envelop the globe? Think of the drastic effect plastic wastage can have on the green cover, plants and animals, and humans. Here are a few helpful tips for reducing the plastic waste we create daily.

Choose reusable water bottles     

Paper coffee cups have a plastic lining, which is non-recyclable. Go in for reusable water bottles and travel mugs which are made from a variety of materials. Carry your thermos or mug when you are going to coffee shops. This will save on the plastic mugs and let you drink from safer options.

Reusable cloth bags and sandwich bags

On your shopping trip, it is worth carrying reusable cloth bags (which you can make from old fabric). You can also choose reusable snack/sandwich bags over disposable ones. They just need to be washed between uses.

Chuck away disposable straws or utensils

When ordering a beverage, tell your server that you don’t need a straw. Just in case you like to use straws at home, you can always go in for reusable ones such as steel, glass, or bamboo. Office goers can use reusable steel or bamboo set. Say no to disposable utensils when picking eatables from outside.

Swap your plastic food containers for the ones made from glass or metal   

There is life outside of plastic and disposable. Go in for glass containers. They are safe (in fact, oven-safe) and very much usable. To reheat food, you don’t have to use multiple dishes. Just be careful they don’t break. And glass utensils don’t stain or age like their plastic counterparts. Bring reusable containers to restaurants, so that you can carry back home the leftovers healthily.      

Choose cardboard boxes over plastic bottles

When buying pasta or detergents, choose items packaged in cardboard instead of plastic. Cardboard is easier to recycle, and bio-degradable items are certainly safer than plastic.

Save money by buying in bulk

Instead of buying foods that are packaged in single-serving, go in for bulk versions. Things like granolas, nuts, pasta, grains, candies, dried fruit are better bought in bulk. This works out to be cheaper too. Skip using the plastic disposable bags kept at the grocery and departmental stores. Instead, bring your refillable containers which you can ask the store personnel to weigh first.

Even though these choices seem small, the effects are massive to be missed out on. The tiniest of actions on your part can help reduce waste and protect our environment.

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