How to Protect Hair from Sun Damage

By admin

July 11, 2018

While we all know the importance of keeping our skin safe from the sun, we often forget about our hair. Hair is extremely important to protect as sun exposure can lead to hair becoming brittle, discoloured, dry, thinned out and break. This can lead to styles not holding and very damaged hair.

The best method of any ailment is preventative rather than curative. There are quite a few things that anyone can do to make sure that their hair stays healthy and shiny. Follow these simple tidbits and enjoy the summer maintaining a great head of hair.


The most simple step is just adding a new hat to cover up during the peak hours of the day. Between 10 AM and 4 PM are the when the sun is highest and keeping a fun and stylish hat to anyone’s wardrobe is fun and helpful.


Just like for skin, there is specially formulated sunscreen for the hair. Your hair, as well as your scalp, can be safeguarded is by applying spray-on sunscreen. The best is to use a spray and not the lotion since it can keep the hair less greasy. Spray over the scalp and put some on the fingertips to add to the length of the hair.


If there is a way to keep hair less damaged throughout the sunny season, go a day or two more between shampoo washings. This will help keep dryness absent since the hair is already taking a beating from the various chlorine, sand and sun excursions.


During the summer it is also a good idea to stay away from any styling irons and colouring hair as much as possible. With this combined of being out in the sun can truly break and thin the hair.


If air is going to be wet, like being at the pool or being in any water, then adding a restorative conditioner to the hair is a great idea. Keep the hair in a bun so the sun rays will not affect the scalp. If the hair is going to be dry but still outside in the sun, then add a leave-in conditioner to hair so that it can stay hydrated.


Keeping the hair and scalp hydrated are very important as a sunburned scalp can cause burning or scabbing. Use a hydrating mask approximately once a week so that it can balance from the amount of heat it gets during the day.


Another way to add a few curls or pretty waves while protecting the hair is applying moisturizer to the hair. Again, adding hydration to the hair can only help the hair in the hottest days.


Raspberry seed, avocado, coconut and olive oils are a safe application to include in a summer regimen for healthy hair. Add the oils to the scalp and cuticles for extra health and shine. Also, there is an additional benefit adding these oils to the scalp during the day for a natural sunscreen.


For hair that is darker and thicker, take extra care to see that the scalp is not exposed by keeping the hair pulled back in a ponytail or bun. Darker hair will attract more sun, so be extra careful to take note. For any woman, keeping her hair as healthy and young looking is imperative. These small but key components can keep the ageing process of hair at bay.