While men are don their facial hair with no worries, but when it comes to girls facial hair one of the worst enemies. Women also consider the usage of wax or threading to get the hair removed, but both of them are undeniably painful ways. But here we bring to you a permanent relief from all the excruciating pain that you go through in beauty parlours.

Here is the how you can get rid off the facial hair naturally at home with this DIY!

– 1/2 tsp Coconut Oil

– 3 tsp Wholemeal Flour

– Water

Start with moisturising your face with a bit of coconut aoil. Keep massaging your face until the face completely absorbs the oil.

Now, mix wholemeal flour with water, make a paste. Keep stirring to make a thick consistent paste.

Rub the past on the hairy areas in the direction of hairs, i.e. downwards. Apply on your forehead, upperlips, cheeksides, etc.

Let it stay for 15 minutes, until it dries up 90%. Now using your fingers, remove the paste in upwards direction.

Wash your face. And do this 3-4 times a week to see prominent results!

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