How To Take Cool Pics On Phone In The Outdoors – Tips Are Below!

How To Take Pics: Now, more than ever is a fantastic opportunity to brush up on portrait photography best practices, with proms, graduations, and summer barbecue season approaching.

With proms, college graduations, and even just plain old family barbecues on the horizon in the coming months, we thought we’d put together a list of the top methods to improve your smartphone photos.

These can be difficult shots to get properly, with intense midday sunlight, bustling crowds, and a variety of other obstacles. Here are a few ideas for nailing the shot.

Clean your lens

Because your smartphone is in your pocket and is touched dozens of times per day, the lens is bound to get a smudge or two. Not only can these blur your images, but they can also increase lens flare and glare in the final image if there are strong lights nearby.

Take two seconds to clean your smartphone camera with a lens or glasses cloth and, if you have it, a little glasses cleaning spray before taking an important image.

Get closer

Don’t stand back if you want a great portrait. Close your eyes and attempt a headshot or half-length portrait. If you want to show off your subject’s entire clothing, go ahead and take a few images, but for a wall-worthy portrait, get closer.

Shoot in the shade

On a bright sunny day, the worst place to shoot portraits is outside. The harsh shadows cast by the above sun on people’s faces don’t always look good. The good news is that there is a straightforward solution: shoot in the shade. My preferred location for outdoor pictures is under a tree or archway, but any shade would suffice.

Look for a decent laneway, alley, or even just a brick wall to conceal the sun’s harsh rays.

Take multiple shots

The key to getting one excellent photo is to take 50 terrible ones—and this holds in practically every circumstance. If you’re photographing someone, take ten or fifteen photos in a row. They’ll blink, grimace, or look away from some of them. But in a minute or two, they’ll be flawlessly posed.

Don’t be afraid to edit

Your smartphone can make images appear decent, but if you want a truly stunning portrait, open it in Lightroom, VSCO, or Snapseed and tweak it until it’s right. We recommend adjusting the exposure, increasing contrast and saturation, and possibly adding a vignette or color toning.

If all of that sounds like too much, just cropping the image such that your subject fills the frame can transform a good portrait into a profile shot.

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