Hrithik Roshan’s Sister Sunaina Talks About Her Cancer, Kidney Failure & Obesity

Hrithik Roshan’s sister Sunaina has shows the world that when you decide on winning, even death cannot defeat you. In fact, the inspiring woman defeated death like a boss and showed the entire world that strong will to survive, patience, and determination can help you fight even the most dangerous problems like cancer, kidney damage, and obesity. She went through cancer treatment, bariatric surgery, and renal treatment to rise above all. Here’s what the lady has to say.

“My brother visited all the best doctors in quest of finding the right one for me treating me here in India as I was against the idea of being treated abroad. Finally, his doctor friend referred us to doctor Sachin Almel and only after having all his doubts cleared, did duggu agree to let me be treated under the able hands of Dr.Sachin,” she says emotionally about her brother Hrithik in the blog titled Zindagi.

Sunaina is one of the few Bollywood celebrities who has successfully defeated cancer and is now living a healthy life.

In her blog, she details how her chemotherapy and the fear of losing her hair affected her family. “When I was scheduled for my first chemotherapy, I was taken to an ICU as a precautionary measure so that I would not develop any complications and even each drug was given to me separately,” writes Sunaina. “In all of this chaos, the only question I would keep asking the doctor was if I would lose my hair. I must have asked him the same question at least 15 times if not more. The fact is that the dreaded word ‘cancer’ did not really worry me but losing my hair or shaving my hair did. My family never saw me in tears during this phase of me fighting cancer never once did I get depressed nor negative about it but, the thought of losing hair did really depress me. My brother would scan the net and ask all possible people to see if there was anyway a cancer patient did not lose hair, but he found no solution. It apparently was an unavoidable side effect of the chemo sessions and one had to accept this fact as it is.”

She further adds that Hrithik was deeply affected when he saw her bald. “The one person who was most affected seeing me bald was my brother, he tried his best to control his tears in front of me. He was hoping that there maybe even 0.1% chance that his sister didn’t have to shave her head off.”


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