Hrithik’s Ex-wife Sussanne Celebrated Birthday With Alleged BF Arslan Goni, “Thank You For Everything”

Hrithik Roshan’s ex-wife Sussanne Khan celebrated her 43rd birthday on Tuesday. She received a lot of congratulations on her birthday from friends and fans of the industry. Sussanne celebrated her birthday with her loved ones, whose video is currently very viral. Actually, Sussanne’s alleged boyfriend Arslan Goni is also seen in this video, who is the brother of TV actor Ali Goni. Arslan has also posted a post for Sussanne Instagram, praising their relationship.

Sussanne Khan celebrated her 43rd birthday.

Since this video, once the discussion about Arslan and Sussanne’s affair has intensified. However, Arslan has responded to what Arslan has posted on social media for Sussanne. This video of Sussanne Khan’s birthday, an interior designer by profession, has been shared by Anushka Ranjan Kapoor on Instagram Story. In the video, Arslan is seen standing near Sussanne Khan and singing a birthday song for her. Sussanne is seen holding Arslan’s hand during the cake cutting and asking him to come forward.

Earlier, Arslan made a post on social media wishing Sussanne a birthday, in which both are seen together. Sharing this picture, Arslan has written a loving post. He wrote, ‘Happy happy birthday darling, I wish you a wonderful year and life too. I have met the best heart in my life and this is a wonderful photo. Whatever you want, the One above will give you everything. Lots of love.’

This video of Sussanne Khan’s birthday.

Susan has also given such a wonderful reply on this post. She has written – Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for my everything.’

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Let us tell you that Sussanne Khan and Hrithik Roshan were married in the year 2000 and in 2014, both of them separated by mutual consent. They have two sons, Ridaan and Rehaan. Sussanne and Hrithik may have parted ways, but they are often seen together because of their children. Even during the lockdown last year, she stayed at Hrithik’s house with the children. Apart from this, they are often seen with children in many family event.

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