‘Hum Aapke Hain Koun’ Fame Sahila Chadha Separated From Husband Because of Complication Created By Rahul Raj

Everyone knows Sahila Chadha through the super hit film ‘Hum Aapke Hain Koun’. And at that time, she was a real hit. But seems like her personal life is not that hit. The latest celebrity marriage to hit the rough patch is that of actor Nimay Bali and his estranged wife, Sahila Chadha. The couple is not living together for quite some time now and the reason is really weird. So, late Pratyusha Banerjee’s boyfriend, Rahul Raj Singh is the reason behind this broken marriage. Basically, Rahul happens to be the brother of Sahila. She treats him like a brother.

As per Nimay (who happens to be Sanjay Dutt’s cousin), his estranged wife has fought with him a lot of times because of Rahul. No, Rahul and Sahila aren’t in love or dating each other, for Sahila, he is like a brother. Now, Rahul is living is Nimay’s house with his wife Sahila and daughter, Princess. Rahul is even wearing Nimay’s clothes and wandering around in his cars. Because of this scenario and all the fights with his wife, Nimay left his home and is staying alone! Finally, Nimay opened up about the entire controversy which has broken his marriage in the recent interview.

When Nimay was asked about killing his daughter, Princess by wife Sahila, shocked Nimay replied, “Bullsh**. How long will my patience be tested? I am living out of my house for 10 months now. I was literally on road. Why is she saying like this? Princess is my life. She is the most precious thing to me. I am alive because of her.”

On not living in his house he said, “Rahul Raj Singh is the only reason why I am out. I kept telling her not to support him since the longest time. She kept saying, “Bhai hai, Bhai hai”. I was also supporting him at some point. Aise aadmi ko support karne ka yahi phal milega.” He also shared “Howsoever late, I realised that he is not the right guy to have around. It all started when there was a cheating case of Rs 25 lakh against Rahul from a girl called Heer. Things have become very bad for me. Aaj main na ghar ka hoon, na ghat ka. I really want my family back. I won’t say anything more against Sahila. She is the mother of my daughter whom I love too much.”

Now, there are also some speculations that many people have warned Nimay against Rahul, saying his daughter is growing up and he needs to kick him out of the home. Talking about the same, Nimay said: “Haan, bola tha, that was one more reason why I left.” On being asked about his wife Sahila and Rahul’s relation, he said “And I believe her. Agar usko Rahul ke liye kuch aur hota, toh woh danke ke chot pe bolti. I trust Sahila.”

On being asked if he blame Rahul for breaking his marriage? He said that “I am not blaming him per se. Galti meri aur Sahila ki thi, jo hamara ghar toot gaya. I don’t know where he’s staying now but when I left, he was lodged in my house.”


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