“I Have Done Them A Favour By Not Saying More,” Says Meghan Markle In Response To The Royal Family

After the claims of racism and mental abuse against the Royal Family Meghan strikes again.

Meghan’s battle with the Royal family started when last year she came out with her Oprah interview talking about how the family had commented on the colour of her son, Archie’s skin, while she was pregnant. In that interview, she also revealed that she was denied any sort of therapy or professional help when she wanted to speak up about her emotional distress. In a slew of the events that transpired Meghan and Harry moved to California away from the Royal Family for some privacy of their own.

In her interview with the Cut magazine and on her Archetypes Podcast Markle revealed that she had lost her trust in the Royal family during her trip to South Africa with her husband, while her son Archie’s nursery caught on fire. The Royal family wasn’t too happy about her “publicizing family matters” and said they were disappointed in her. Meghan responded to their comments by saying, that there was no legal document barring her from speaking up about her experiences and it’s her choice whether she chooses to share them or not.

Meghan is still healing but it seems now her talking about being herself and being unfiltered is not sitting right with the tabloids. Meghan had mentioned her complicated past with British tabloids and how much it had affected her mental health, but tabloids still haven’t stopped. They’re still dismissing her trauma and talking about how she is dishonouring the Royal Family and using her past to gain wealth and sympathy. While making the Royal Family the victims in their narrative.

Meghan is very sick of this attitude but she is still willing to forgive. She said that it takes an active effort to do so and she made one, considering that she can say anything.

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