“I Know This Is It,” Said Balika Vadhu Actress Avika Gor About Her Love Life

Avika Gor and Milind Chandwani

The famously known television actress from her role in ‘Balika Vadhu’, actress “Avika Gor” never forget to show her love life to public. She and her boyfriend “Milind Chandwani” officially accepted their love for each other to public in  last year November. Recently in an interview to Pinkvilla, She talked about her relationship quite well and open.

She said – “I have always wanted to have a person in my life that I am proud of. And the fact that we are together and we see our future together, the idea itself…. I am very very proud of, deep in my heart, ‘I know this is it’. Then there was no doubt, no hesitation before talking about it or sharing about it because one thing is for sure, when a person is happy, everybody around can see it, everybody in your life will notice that happiness, that change. With me, it was a lot of growth that happened when Milind entered my life, not just personally feeling better about everything but mentally I started to understand things better, I started to feel better. The minute we were confident about it, we thought it’s okay sharing this with the world.”

Avika Gor shared this picture on her Instagram handle, captioned with “HE IS MY LOBSTER.”

She also talked a little about the official announcement of her relationship last year. She said – “So the idea of always being open, something that I had learnt from my parents. They have always been very open. They are like my best friends and I can share anything and everything with them. And that is what made me feel that if I can do that with them, if I am okay telling them then what am I even hiding it for. If they know, then my world knows and that’s okay with me and that’s okay with them, so why not the entire world,”

Although, they are not planning to get married any soon but they are living their life and love phase well. Their Instagram posts shows their bond and love beautifully.

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