I Started Dancing And People Stopped To Give Money Because They Thought I Was Begging; Says Kedarnath Actress Sara Ali Khan

The adorable daughter of Bollywood’s Nawab family, Sara Ali Khan has become a part of the trending tittle-tattle of public, where a video sharing a hilarious shaggy dog story of hers from her childhood has gone viral on social media.

In an interview with Zoom, the actress shared away a funny moment of her childhood, where she revealed that she was mistakenly judged as a beggar and people gave her money as she started dancing on a street.

Sara recollected the memories of her family time, where she had gone for the vacation with parents Saif Ali Khan, Amrita Singh, and brother Ibrahim Khan who was a toddler at that time. She shared, “They (Saif and Amrita) had gone into a shop for something. I was outside with my brother, who was in a pram, and we were with our help. It was the three of us outside. I started dancing. People stopped to give money because they thought I was begging. I kept it. I realized, ‘Paise mil rahe hai, kuch bhi kar lo, karte raho (We are getting money, so let’s continue doing whatever we are doing).’ I started dancing more and more.”

Mom Amrita’s reaction added another chuckle-some part to this anecdote, where the helpers found her little daughter’s act cute, and she called her a beggar. She responded by saying  “My mother was like, ‘Cute nahi, yeh bhikharan lagi, isliye paise de diye (They did not find her cute, they thought she was a beggar, which is why they gave her money),”. Sara recalled. LOL!

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