“I Want A Girl Like Ditto Deepika,” Ranveer Singh On Family & Kids- Celebrities Special

Famous Bollywood actors Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone are known for their uniqueness. They are constantly discussing with the audience based on social media. Are communicating. Even during Corona’s time, he was seen interacting with fans and taking initiatives for corona awareness. Now Ranveer Singh has given good news. “We are thinking of good news in the future,” he said. This time, the information that Ranveer has even decided on the name of his unborn baby has gone viral on social media. Ranveer and Deepika are seen as the most popular couples in Bollywood.

What’s more, Ranveer currently has a variety of projects. He is posting videos on social media for his promotion. It has come to light that he has posted about his family planning in one such place. In it, he has said that he wants a girl like Ditto Deepika. Sources have informed that he has also decided the name of the girl. Fans have already started congratulating Ranveer and Deepika.


Ranveer has recorded a promotional video. In it, he tells the story. Ranveer is all set to launch his reality quiz show in a few days. His promotion video has gone viral.

He shared some things during that promotion video. He has said that we want a girl like Deepika. I have even thought about what to name her. Ranveer’s video has received a great response from the fans. Many have also wished him well. As you know I got married and now in a couple of years, I will have two or three children. Let me tell you, your daughter-in-law is so beautiful, I want a girl like her. If that happens then my life will be set. I have even thought of the name of the girl I will have. Ranveer’s video has received a large number of likes and comments from fans.

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