“I was ditched by a man at the last minute ,I still don’t know why”:Neena Gupta

Neena Gupta, the well known Bollywood actor, launched her autobiography titled ‘Sach Kahun Toh’ during an Instagram video chat hosted by Kareena Kapoor Khan on 14th June. The book has been published by Penguin Random House India and traverses the entire life span of Neena Gupta. “Everything is out of my system now. Things I was hiding for so many years. That’s a big relief. I think, maybe after reading the book, even if one person doesn’t make the mistake which I did, if they feel ‘yeah we should not do this’, it’ll be worth it.” Neena said during the virtual event.


The Badhai Ho actor said that people believed that she had always lived on her own terms but the reality was that she had always accepted life and adjusted to whatever came her way and moved on in life. “Whatever God gave me, wherever I went wrong, I accepted it and moved forward. I wanted to have a normal husband, children from the husband who is living with me, my in-laws, grandparents. When I see other people, I do feel a little envious. But I didn’t blame (anyone), didn’t become an alcoholic or went in a wrong direction, because I didn’t get what I wanted.”

Neena revealed during the launch that she was ditched by a man she was going to marry, with whose parents she was living at that time, at the last moment. “I have talked about that guy I was gonna get married and last minute, I had gone to get my clothes made in Delhi, he called up and he said, ‘I don’t want to marry you.’ Till today I don’t know why. But what can I do? I moved on. I would have loved to get married to him. I had a lot of respect for his father, mother. I was living in their house. He’s going to read, he’s alive, he’s happily married. He has children.”

Neena Gupta has divulged in the book that when she was pregnant with Sir Vivian Richard’s daughter Masaba, actor and director Satish Kaushik proposed to marry her so that she wouldn’t become an unmarried mother. Satish said, “Don’t worry, if the child is born with dark skin, you can just say it’s mine and we’ll get married. Nobody will suspect a thing.”

Sach Kahun Toh is divided into five parts and depicts events in chronological order starting with growing-up years in New Delhi, enrollment in National School of Drama followed by moving over to Bombay(Mumbai) and then the birth of her daughter Masaba, decline and finally rejuvenation of career. The title of the book is derived from the actor’s popular video series on Instagram.



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