The launch of the immensely beautiful and  talented Aishwarya Rajinikanth Dhanush’s book, was at the hands of Karan Johar and a much re-invented, classy looking Sonakshi Sinha at Crossword Kemps Corner.

Do celebrity children have normal upbringings too?

As Karan Johar, the master of chat shows, introduced Aishwarya Rajinikanth Dhanush’s new book, “Standing on an apple box” to a rapt audience at Crossword Kemps Corner, one couldn’t help but wonder, what’s an apple box!


In his own inimitable style, Johar said, “ The book has a personal touch. So much is written about the limelight the star kid is exposed to. About celeb kids growing in the lap of luxury. An apple box is nothing but an equipment which helps short people to stand up on a platform to reach a shooting level. Wonderful observation by Aishwarya , which she makes in the very first chapter.”

The  ‘straight from the heart’  book touched a chord in the hearts of both Karan Johar and Sonakshi Sinha, star kids themselves.

To Aishwarya, the apple box is  an indelible memory of her childhood. In her own words, “ yes an apple box is something I have seen all through my life and is so relevant to me. I wanted everyone to know that something so small can be very significant in life.” 

Guest Sonakshi Sinha, who has been Rajinikanth’s leading lady  and a celebrity kid herself, added, “Many thanks to my parents for keeping everything so normal in my life. I remember the time when we were brought into the limelight unexpectedly; and the transition. Really happy that Aishwarya has written this book which takes people through this change; and what she felt after coming in the limelight.”

The crowd at Crossword Kemps Corner got something exclusive- a peek into the personal side of the man, who many call India’s biggest ever superstar; in the words of the “apple of his eye”, his daughter Aishwarya.

As Sonakshi and Aishwarya insisted on the fact that their childhood was pretty much the same as anyone else’s; with the same amount of craziness and fun element; another writer  took stage in the firmament of Indian writing in english.

Or maybe, another writer has come into the spotlight- as Aishwarya says, “ I write my own scripts too.”

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