IIT Student Granted Bail Despite Allegations Of Rape!

A victim of rape often faces the most challenging decision – report or not to report. Once they make this choice, there is no going back. Most of the time, victims shy away from reporting rape because of the stigma attached. Other times, victims feel no one will believe if they step forward. Nevertheless, victims have to make this choice.
Just this week, a student alleged that her junior at IIT molested her. The regular course of action for such allegations is arrest and investigation. Courts often have to consider mitigating factors surrounding the alleged perpetrator. However, in this case, the Gauhati High Court ruled fast. The alleged 21-year-old B.Tech student is out on bail.

The court went on to release a statement commenting on the grounds of this decision. They say, “No possibility of the accused tampering with their evidence nor influencing them directly or indirectly if released on bail.” Furthermore, the court felt that the student who allegedly molested his peer was a bright student. Also, he has much to offer to the world.
The basis for the bail to many netizens felt unjust. Many people took to Twitter to question this reasoning. Netizens are demanding an explanation as to why bail was granted and its grounds. Do “future assets” deserve special treatment despite being alleged a rapist?

As reported, a doctor from the hospital where the victim was admitted released a statement. The doctor stated that the girl came in a ‘serious condition’. Adding that it was indeed a ‘serious case of sexual assault’. The granted bail has come as a shock to many. It is impossible to assume the current status of the victim and the mental trauma such a scenario would further inflict on her.

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