A good marriage is like having money in the bank that yields significant interest.  You always know it’s there and can depend on it in times of need. This simply means that taking time to invest in a marriage and spending additional time helping it grow provides security and happiness.

The fact is that most people open their relationship account with eagerness only to get lazy and procrastinate over time, leading the relationship onto an unhealthy path. As a relationship matures and get older, the lazier a couple tends to get. Couples get so at ease with each other, that they no longer bother to invest the time and efforts they did at the beginning of their married life. People often believe that if they are comfortable in their relationship, then everything is okay. Being comfortable could simply mean that you and your partner are used to being together, as well as used to the way the relationship is. Getting in a rut is an enemy to a good relationship.

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A healthy relationship demands mutual love, respect and honesty. What that requires is a daily commitment to the relationship.  Find the time to show expressions of love that are surprising and natural. You have to work at maintaining passion by bringing some new excitement to lovemaking. You have to maintain your partner’s respect in front of everyone from the children to the neighbours to the postal carrier. Remember there are no free rides in a committed relationship.

Get huge dividends

There are certain main aspects that you will need to invest in to ensure that your relationship remains strong even after the initial lust phase is over. It’s a small investment whatever the hourly rate when you consider the dividends. Investing in the relationship would pay huge dividends sooner than you may think and in the future as well.

Honesty-It is one of the most important ways that you will invest in your relationship. It is always better to let your partner know what you are thinking and how you are feeling, rather than presuming that your partner should read your mind and understand your hidden feelings. You also need to open and accepting of the truth your partner shares with you about yourself and the relationship over all.

Freedom- Giving your partner space and freedom is another are that will be important to maintaining a strong relationship. Freedom in a way that lets both you and your partner continue to be individuals. As a couple in a relationship you will be one, but outside that circle, you two will still be individuals who will need and want to explore more about yourselves as people. Do not cling to each other so tight that you cannot separate and be individuals and do not control your partner or allow your partner to control you. Controlling or being controlled is not love or an expression of how much your partner loves you. Control is selfish and is robbing a person from having a relationship with themselves. Invest freedom in your relationship and you and your partner will grow even closer together!

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Respect- You and your partner can have extremely strong feelings for each other and may claim to love each other, but without respect however, that love will get lost in the big shadow of disrespect that will take over your relationship. You can’t disrespect each other if it seems natural for both of you and if you feel for each other. You may not always like or agree with the way your partner handles things, believes things and says things- but you will have to accept and respect that this is who he/she is. If you cannot respect each other, then your relationship will not last- and if it does, it will grow into an unhappy relationship. Invest respect daily into your relationship.

Expressing love- People tend to get a little too comfortable as time goes by in a relationship and become less concerned with expressing their love and admiration for their partner. Though this is not intentional, but it does happen because couple becomes too confident. They know they love their partner and that their partner loves them and use that as their security. But that is not enough to maintain your relationship. Partner need to know that they are loved and cherished and that they are not being taken for granted. Tell your partner how much he/she means to you, write something thoughtful in card and give it to him/her. Go out with your partner. Talk to your partner about how you feel and give him/her time to make positive changes and improvements that will please you.

In any relationship, it is important to show your partner that you appreciate him or her, and you can do this best by expressing your love for one another regularly. It is important to replenish the passion that you have might feel impossible with jobs, children, expenses, and other responsibilities.

You must give 90% of the time and only take 10% of the time.  If you both do this, then you both receive 100% of the benefits of the marriage.  Do unto your spouse what you expect to have done unto you and do it first.

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