Few important tips for women looking for their soul mate.

By sudhachandrasekaran

April 13, 2017

Careers can be rich in meaning and highly satisfying in a person’s life. But if career-oriented lifestyles are unable to afford one the required time and energy to build a truly fulfilling romantic relationship, then it leads to feelings of loneliness and emptiness. If you are all set for a partner, here are a few tips that gravitate towards the welcoming hands of a loving soul mate, without compromising on your personal likes and dislikes and professional growth.

Find out the time available at your disposal: As with all other goals, the first and foremost thing is planning. Ask yourself the question- When can I keep myself free to fix up a date night? Evaluate your current lifestyle and habits by taking into consideration your travels, late working hours and your personal commitments. This way, you can build intimacy with another without sacrificing what matters most to you and easily set apart the time for your date.

Choose carefully:  You tend to do one of three risky and possibly disastrous things: First, fall passionately in love and commit immediately, second, especially as you reach your 30s, commit out of desperation, for fear that no one better will come along; third, you can drift or fall into marriage without the choice or its reasons ever becoming clear to yourself or to others. Stop, look, and listen — to yourself and others. Question the decision, and then question it again.  Have a deep knowledge of the person before marrying, for it is better not to marry than marrying the wrong person. Give it time before you jump in. Both parties have to be very willing and open, and often make concessions, as they get to know each other. So please, take a very serious look as later on moulding your spouse may become difficult.

Couple sitting on steps

A fundamental truth about marriage is that it is about love, but it is also an economic arrangement that unites the financial futures of the partners. So you also need to find out: Is my future soul mate interested in a job? Will he or she hold up the end financially? And can they responsibly handle money?

Pay heed to the words of your family and friends: Do they like your choice of the partner? Do they think you are being treated well? Do they feel that your life companion is quite serious about the impending relationship? Many a time we have heard elders who had a failed marriage saying: “Had I listened to my family members who had told me that mine was a bad decision….”

Do your life goals align? Before committing find out whether your partner’s goals for a good life align with yours. Many a time these discussions, which are of serious nature, are not clear and candid. These discussions involve each other’s goals and aspirations from the career point of view, how expensive a lifestyle you wish to live, and particularly important — children….

Write down your list of non-negotiable attributes: You may be in favour of a few traits in your potential partner that impress you the most. Narrow in on those characteristics and prioritize them. Writing down these traits gives you the flexibility to say “no” to someone who does not rise to your expectation. Thereby you can avoid settling into a relationship with that person “just because.” We should be able to say, “Hmm, you know, this is what I want. And this guy has those qualities — many more good ones than bad ones.”

Recognize your role in the great commitment: While looking out for your ideal life partner, take into consideration the kind of partner you yourself will be. It is better you do not give much weight age to other’s opinions about you but remain focused on your own values. Sharing your life with someone else is a big commitment and requires much thought .Knowing yourself and your ideas clearly will help in the smooth transition of the process of searching for your life partner.

Feel 100% comfortable saying “Yes” to the relationship: With the plethora of apps and online dating sites, sometimes one of the most emotional things for singles is just to say “yes” to an invitation in real life. Keep an open mind and break away from your daily norm to encounter new persons. The best way to do this is to put yourself in unfamiliar situations.

Love should not be a sacrifice of fulfillment. Relationships are meant to enhance your lifestyle, not hinder it. Enjoy the fine feelings that come with opening your heart to that special person in your life. Several experienced older women emphasizing in a research study say “choose very carefully”. This lesson they wish to pass on to younger women who are in a dilemma: Should I stay or should I go?