In case you don’t know, the growth of our body is taken care of by a small pea sized gland which sits at the base of the skull and is called the Pituitary Gland. It is the master gland of our body and has many other functions as well other than helping us grow. Now what happens is that as we keep aging, the hormone production of this gland starts decreasing and so after a point we stop growing physically. Although working on your height at the right time is most effective, still, if you have already crossed the age bar and still wish to grow, then here are a few ways you can try to increase your height.


This just had to be there. Yoga is the best remedy for practically everything related to your body.


Also known as the mountain pose, this asana stretches out and works the muscles of your entire body.

Directions- Stand straight and make a little gap between your legs. Join and merge the fingers of both of your hands and stretch out slowly as you pull your body along with your hands, above the head. Try to stand on your toes and keep breathing. Maintain the position for some time and then slowly relax and bring your hands down. Repeat after a short 10 second break.


Also known as the tree pose and the starting position is the same as the Tadasana.

Directions- lift your left leg from the knees and place the lower surface of your feet along the lining of your right leg’s inner thigh. Place this as high as possible. Next, join your hands in a namaskar pose and place your hands above your head. Maintain the balance on the right leg for as long as possible and then relax. Repeat after a short break.

 Remember to not overdo the asanas and only do as much as you are capable of. The timing of holding the poses will increase day by day. A few more tips are-

  • Sleep for 8 hours a day. Rest is as important as working out. By resting for 8 hours, the brains gets to revitalize and the pituitary glands will be able to produce more growth hormones.
  • While keeping the carbohydrates a little low, always eat high protein diet.
  • For those who work out, it is important to not have sweet intake for at least 3 hours before and 3 hours after the workout.
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