Independence Day Special: TATA TEA Celebrates Cultural Diversity By Launching ‘DeshKaKulhad’ Campaign

As an earnest gesture to lend support to the Indian Artisan community, TATA Tea Premium celebrates this Independence Day by bringing out a unique #DeshKaKulhad collection in partnership with Rare Planet – a startup that promotes the work of local Indian artisans. The proceeds of the sale of these exquisite hand-painted Kulhads will help to lend support to the artisan community that has been severely impacted by the current times.

TATA Tea Premium is supporting the Indian Artisan community by promoting its #deshkakulhad collection and urging people to buy these exquisite Kulhads. They will get their team of artisans to paint kulhads in regional styles depicting various themes that are pride for that region. Each Kulhad will serve as a canvas for its creation. They will also be given a particular style of regional art, which they’ll have to use while painting examples – Kalamkari, Gond, Madhubani etc. They will curate a list of themes for each state depicting landmarks, history, food, festivals, and culture. The proceeds of the sale will help in generating livelihood for the Indian craftspeople who are severely impacted during these times. The brand too will contribute an additional amount for every product sold from this collection to support the larger cause of the Artisan Community.

These special Kulhads have been handcrafted with region-specific artforms like Madhubani folk art from Bihar, Warli artform from Maharashtra, Phulkari patterns from Punjab, Patachitra from Odisha, Sanjhi Art from UP, etc. The Deshkakulhad collection comprises 26 distinct Kulhad designs, each Kulhad representing different regions of India. Themed around popular motifs & landmarks from each region, each kulhad celebrates a specific artform of that region. These special hand-painted Kulhads thus serve as a unique canvas showcasing India’s diverse culture and rich heritage.

As part of raising awareness for this initiative, the brand has also released a digital film showcasing this diversity. The musical video sung by singer – Rituraj Mohanty -a popular artist, takes you on a colorful joyride across the length and breadth of the country, showcasing India’s vivid artforms lensed from the perspective of the local artisans and their hand-painted Kulhads.


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