India on its Knees. No R&D and Large Population.

Edits | 21 May 2021

The European countries were capable of researching, developing and rolling out the production of vaccines and have taken countries like India, the African nations and maybe the other third world countries by their horns. It looks like that a repeat of the 70s and 80s technology revolution which was limited to the western world, and making our worlds as only technology coolies, doing tech support, would be re-enacted.

After pouring in billions of dollars and a whole lot of research, Germany is of the view that they should not be transferring vaccine making technology to the Third World. They in fact are more comfortable in donating millions of doses of vaccine to the needed nations. In a report Kenya has run out of vaccines stock for the second job. It’s only time that the Americas in the West, who control the technology, due to their research and funding skills will be on top of the vaccine manufacturing as well as research and development game.

India was to become the largest hub of vaccine manufacturing for the world, but the policy of the Indian government did not let. Export of vaccines, even under the technology transfer agreement, have gotten the country into a soup. Our indigenously designed vaccines may not be acceptable as vaccination, for travel and engagement in the rest of the world. Decidedly so the West and America’s call the shots here. It appears that Sairam Institute which received technology from Astrazeneca and Oxford to produce the vaccine, and deliver doses to the Europeans nations could not be fulfilled and hence these kinds of statements, from concerned European nations. India will have to find a solution to vaccine development and production since this virus is not going to go away anytime sooner.

As seasons go bye and more people get affected the vaccine will also change its colour and composition. The technology to decipher the genome of the virus on a continuous basis and run clinical trials on Indian population, will be the only way to save the country from this pandemic. It is heartening to hear people saying constantly that in two or three months the situation of lockdowns will be better managed. It’s as if somebody has placed a phone call to the virus and had a discussion. Obviously this is not the case, and the virus unless it mutates to such a level that it stops affecting humans, will not disappear from the population. It is also not a virus which becomes dead after a certain portion of the population gets to be a victim. Hence we may have to live with it for a long time to come and plan our lives accordingly. It may mean a completely different way of working, living, progression, ownership, education, attitudes and relationships.

CA Divesh Nath
Woman’s Era
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