India VS Pakistan, a lot of emotions are involved when we talk about this match that grabs all the eye balls. The rivalry has reached another level through the years. When it is the Indian and Pakistani team on the field, everyone goes crazy.

After all, this is one match where every second is critically viewed. From small banters to sledging, we have a lot of memories from the past matches between the two nations and nothing much has changed in these years.

India and Pakistan are again standing in front of each other and this time to win the ICC Champions Trophy 2017. While we are madly waiting for the final match tomorrow, there have been many fights from the past cricket matches that can never be forgotten.

From Kapil Dev to Gautam Gambhir, a lot of Indian cricketers have been a part of these fights that took place through the years. Here are some videos that will take you back to the old times.







Well, this was about yesterday. We are super excited for the match tomorrow!


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