Have you ever dreamed about an underwater wedding? If no, then these pictures of India’s first underwater wedding would make you do that.

Yes, you read it right!

India’s first underwater wedding took place in Kerela. Where a 23-year-old Slovakian resident Eunica Pogran and Maharashtrian Nikhil Pawar tied the knot under the sea in Kovalam, Thiruvananthapuram.


On an underwater stage made of coconut shells, flowers, and palm leaves, the couple exchanged vows with the help of placards. The entire ceremony was performed in front of their friend, who happened to be a priest too. The entire set up was created by Bond Safai, who claim this wedding to be India’s first undersea wedding.


The 90-minute ceremony was attended by the couple’s close family and friends and was organised by Bond Ocean Safari, the company Nikhil works for.

And the entire ceremony was conducted with the help of placards.


The couple took a two-day long training in diving and breath-control prior to their big day.

Once the ceremony was over, the “Now you may kiss the bride” placard was presented…

After which the couple promptly removed their breathing gear, and locked lips.


Nikhil Pawar told the media

“We have always wanted to do something interesting for our wedding and Eunika readily agreed when I proposed the idea of an underwater wedding. Being a regular traveller and a diving enthusiast, she quickly learnt everything and found no issues underwater. After we first met seven months ago in Kovalam, she went back to her hometown and returned a month ago. The wedding was not in the plan then, but since we were confident of taking our relationship to the next level, we decided to take the plunge.”


The couple stated that they will have another formal ceremony in Slovakia.

Here’s the ceremony video:



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