Breaking stereotypes and taboos about intimate fashion, India’s First Fashion Week will roll in Mumbai at The Leela on March 18 & 19.The first edition of the intimate wear will bring together leading Indian and international lingerie brands and designers and set up a major platform for intimate wear. The event will also witness lingerie stylists, experts, e-commerce and intimate wear bloggers.

Illustrious jewellery designer Mona Shroff,who will open the show, will showcase her 2017 collection, becoming one of the first luxury brands to present alongside top designers. She is engaging with the fashion week to break the stereotype about intimate wear.


Niraj Jawanjal, Director and Founder of IIFW, said , “Intimate wear is such a big sector, rather world’s largest sector, deeply rooted in every person’s life across the globe is still unexplored in India. However, India is now opening up to all kinds of evolution, revolutions, entrepreneurship and experiments on fashion.”
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