India’s First Sologamist Kshama Bindu Excited For Solo Honeymoon In Goa; Deets Inside!

Kshama Bindu, a 24-year-old Gujarati woman who married herself in June this year, is now all set to go on her honeymoon with herself. Kshama who became the first Indian woman to marry herself is planning to go to Goa on a solo honeymoon this month. She is now ready for her next step – an exotic honeymoon in Goa, all by herself. Kshama turned heads and earned harsh comments from people after she announced her single marriage in June.

“Like any bride, I am very excited for my honeymoon. I will leave for Goa on August 7 and will record all my special moments there on my mobile phone,” Kshama said.

“I will be spending a lot of time at the vibrant Arambol beach, where I can wear a bikini without anyone ogling at me. The beach hosts a lot of events and is one of my favourite and dream destinations in Goa,” added Kshama.

She knows what to do when people ask her about her husband on the honeymoon. She said, “When I am on a honeymoon, people will know I am married and will obviously ask about my husband. I will get a chance then to explain them all about sologamy and why I married myself.”

The newlywed said that she is happy and taking care of herself as couples do after marriage. Kshama said that after returning from her single honeymoon, she plans to apply for marriage registration. She said, “I have also changed my job. I have some savings that I will use for my honeymoon, and upon return, I will apply for marriage registration.”

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