Individuality – How do Women take it

By shikha Singh

December 24, 2016

Marriage is a good social institution. As it is manmade, it has many flaws. Man created society and gave so much importance to marriage, that somewhere down the line he just forgot the importance of individuality, specially of women, whom he considered to a weaker gender from time immemorial.

Individuality of a woman is always overshadowed by the presence of some male in her life, such as a father or mainly husband after marriage. Her own self, her identity, her unique personality is lost in the institution called marriage. Even after society being so modern and advanced every parent is still worried about the marriage of their daughter at right time and who knows what is the “right time” actually is. Even if daughter is doing extremely well in studies and later in her career, sole worry of the parents is getting her married and washing their hand of a great responsibility. And women usually are brought up in such a manner that they never think about themselves as an individual. They are so brainwashed that they only think that they are someone’s wife or mother or daughter-in-law. They have to even change their sirnames

after marriage and they don’t even blink their eyes even once before acquiring anyone else, sirname. They are programmed to do so. They may be so talented, intellectual, earning good salary, but they easily slip under some one’s shadow and become so and so’s wife. The woman could have a good life partner who loves her and takes care of her but has the woman ever thought about her own standing in the society, her own name, fame and individual personality. Her power of taking decision about her own life, even in day-to-day matters. And why is it even important to get married if the girl has no desire to do so? In every social network media what are most women doing? They are just flaunting their successful husbands or their happy family image. A girl finds so much pleasure in telling her friends, whom she might have met after ages on social network site that she has got married to such and such person and she is so proud of him. She keeps pumping her husband’s ego by praising him and calling him her soulmate, lifeline and what not, whereas I have rarely seen a male doing this. Men usually boast of their achievements in social and professional life. They rarely give any credit to their wives of their success and in contrast if a woman is successful she usually gives full credit to her husband and show that she is nothing without him.

I, as a social thinker, want women to reassess their thought process and should start thinking about themselves as an individual person. It is high time girls stand up and be women that god made you and brought into this world. I believe in transition of women from social character to social individual.