India, the land of vedas, is known for its mysterious past. The history of Indian and its civilisation is full of suspicion and is still a matter of great research. The history of India is based completely upon doubts which makes it even more complicated. There are evidences that lead us to a particular result and then something contrary show some other signs.


The book, a ‘Mythological Thriller’ tries to reveal some of the bind mysteries of the Mythological India but it leaves its readers with a lot more of them. The author tries to portray the mysteries of Hindu mythology from the previous Yugas being solved in the present ‘Kali Yuga’. The story tells about various unbelievable incidents, some of the mysteries of Indian Mythology including Brahmastra, Amrit, Chiranjivi Ashwathama and the other chiranjivis as well. The book shows the author’s belief in reincarnation, curse and sins of previous birth which is the basis of the whole story.

The story initiates with Alexander’s invasion to India, how he was hooked up by its mythological mysteries and how his curiosity lead to his death. The story continues and focus upon the life of ‘Rudra’, the chief protagonist (as yuga purush), Samrat Chandragupta Maurya (as yuga veer), and Acharaya Chanakya (as yuga guru). The trio together solves a lot of mysteries, and lead to formation of Akhand Bharat. Rudra, who is born as a supernatural child grows as the chief commandant of Samrat Chandragupta who along with his Nav Yuva Sena protects the Samrat from every possible threat. Still, the life of Rudra, his reincarnation, hint of his next birth, his Nav Yuva Sena are all portrayed in a bizarre way. It thrilled the reader’s curiosity and each and every segment of the story raises inquisitiveness for its further segments which bind the readers. some parts of the story leave the readers with raised brows.

Though, there are various segments in the story which contradicts the earlier known facts about history which leaves the readers with a huge question mark which can be neglected as the story is a work of fiction. The style of writing is appreciable as the author has used narratives and attractive quotations which leaves a positive influence on the reader’s mind.

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