Infidelity: 4 Signs That Your Husband Is Seeing Someone

Many women believe their husband would never even consider having an affair, let alone actually have one, but it’s an unfortunate reality that strikes many unsuspecting wives. Recent statistics suggest that 20 percent of American men have cheated at least once, and those are just the ones who admit it in a survey.

Since it is a relatively common issue, some signshave been identified which may suggest someone is cheating — and you may have even noticed them already. Look out for these four signs that your husband might be seeing someone.

1. He Won’t Let You See His Phone

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Reluctance to hand over a phone, computer, or other mobile device is one of the biggest red flags, especially if it accompanies a sudden change in behavior. Refusal to do so is even worse. It immediately indicates that there is something to hide. While it’s true some people are private by nature, only you can determine whether your husband’s reluctance to share devices is out of character for him or not.

If it is, there is cause for suspicion. In this digital age, if your husband is having an affair, there is likely ample electronic evidence through texts, emails, and pictures. If he’s guilty of such communication, he’ll be hesitant to allow his devices in your hands for too long. Even if such evidence is deleted, he’ll be wary of new messages popping up and blowing his cover.

2. Strange Behavior

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Certain changes in behavior could be signs of an affair. If your husband is acting out of the ordinary, take notice. There is no typical behavior to expect from a cheating spouse. A husband who is cheating can display distant behavior, or he can be close and attached. If his behavior is out of character, it could be an indicator that something is going on.

Lashing out uncharacteristically over simple questions or discussions can be a sign, or suddenly showering you with gifts could also be a sign. Guilt manifests differently in people, and bothcould be signs of guilt depending on your husband’s typical behaviors.

3. He Suddenly Dresses Better

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If your husband suddenly seems to pay a lot more attention to how he dresses or his personal hygiene, that should set off some alarms. If he hates shopping for clothes, yet suddenly takes aninterest in his fashion sense, that could be a bad sign. Suddenly wearing cologne after never doing so could also suggest he’s trying to impress someone with a more approachable appearance.

Emphasis on personal appearance is common in a new courtship. Dating people tend to spend more time presenting themselves as they try to make an impression and establish interest in someone. This focus commonly declines in a marriage, so if your husband suddenly prioritizes his appearance, it’s a good idea to find out why he’s doing so.

4. He Spends Money

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Affairs can be costly, and not just if they’re discovered. Men who have affairs often end up spending a lot on jewelry, eating out, and other gifts that go along with a new flame. It may resemble what he once did for you during the early stages of your relationship. If you discover a series of unexplained purchases, it may be a sign he’s doing this for someone else.

Not every cheating husband is brazen enough to use a joint checking account for such purchases, but it’s worth consistent monitoring anyway. If the cheating has been going on long enough, it’s likely he could slip up from his secrecy. Unexplained ATM withdrawals could be another sign, especially if they occur at strange locations. The expenses that accumulate around affairs often paid with cash, since it’s harder to trace.

Next Steps

Take the first step and be aware of these signs your husband might be showing. Not all cheaters display these identifiable signs, so some uncertainty may remain. If you’re questioning whether or not your husband is cheating and he isn’t showing these signs, consider seeking the help of a licensed private investigator.  A trained professional can act on your suspicion and give you the answer you need to move forward.

“A private investigator isn’t caught up in the emotions of an affair,” says Manhattan private investigator Darrin Giglio, “That helps us to safely and discreetly get a picture of what your spouse is doing, and to record the evidence of cheating if it’s there.”

In any case, it’s important to have the certainty you need to ensure truth and trust in your marriage.


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