Love and friendship may be 2 sides of a coin, but technically, they are the same coin. No people can live together without being friends. Even parents and their children ultimately become friends as time goes by. But many couples might not understand the value of acting like a friend. We have customized love and friendship. Friendship seems sweeter and more relaxing than love. Relationships nowadays are viewed as shackles that bind people from freedom, and the ones who have shaped it this way, is sadly, us.

But it is not too late to change this. the solution is simple, become your partner’s friend. Here is how to do it:


Chill out– You never force your friend to understand your point. Most of the times, our friends think alike us but when they don’t, we don’t tend to try and change their opinion. We might have a slight debate and all but that’s it. we don’t become an albatross around our friend’s neck and we certainly don’t fight with them to make them understand our point. This is the first shackle of a relationship. Trying to make your partner understand and agree with your every single thought. Also, there are many habits of our friends that we ourselves might not like to indulge in but we don’t particularly mind them because our friends like to do them.  Let your partner be the person they are.


A lover in need is a lover indeed- Just like we know that our friends have always got our back and that they would rush in to help us no matter how far apart we are, same should be the case between lovers. If someone messes with your partner, don’t just try to console your partner. Be their friend and jump into the sea of fire with them; just like a friend would do.


Just like friendship, love cannot be forced- We all know that ‘effort’ is very important in a relationship, but to what extent is it ok? If you need to exert yourself every day to keep up with your partner, then maybe it is time to either face reality and accept the differences in power between you or break it off. You can either be friends with a person for who they are, or you will have to wait to make good friends. The same is the case with love. Don’t be so jumpy and impatient (if your main aim is to have a good relationship not just ***).

Be the person you idealize- This is simple. We idealize what we think is the embodiment of perfection, but is idealizing the best we can do? We can incorporate the qualities that we like, within ourselves. What we need to do is to put effort and make changes to ourselves as well. While it may be easy for a friend to point out your mistakes, a lover might feel a little insecure about losing you. This is where you need to make the change. You need to be the person who is easy enough to talk to, and you need to be the person who can easily talk as well. When you reach this point, you need to accept your shortcomings as well as the fact that people are not perfect; people are trying to be perfect.

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