Powerhouse of talent, Irrfan Khan has finally put rest to all the speculations around his ‘rare disease’. Amidst the rumours of him suffering with brain cancer, the Piku actor broke silence with a tweet and revealed that he is suffering with neuroendocrine diease.

He further made it clear he is not suffering with any brain related disease. In a statement posted by him on Twitter, he wrote, “As for the rumours that were floated NEURO is not always about the brain.” The actor is flying abroad for treatment and asked everyone to send him wishes. Here’s his complete statement, have a look.


Before you start wondering about the disease, let us make it clear for you all.

Neuroendocrine tumours or NET is a condition in which a patient witnesses growth of abnormal tissue in hormone producing nerves of the body. These tumours can develop in intestine, lungs, pancreas or anywhere else in the body.

The cells that produce hormones are called endocrine cells. When a tumour arises in endocrine cells, it is termed endocrine tumour. However, if those cells are also nerve cells, it is called neuroendocrine tumour. The disease is curable.

The severity of the tumour depends upon its nature, if malignant or not! This further depends on the affected body part and how much has it spread. As per a report on webmd, “Some NETs are cancer, which means they can spread to other parts of your body. Many of these tumors also make hormones of their own, which can give you certain symptoms. Other kinds of neuroendocrine tumors are benign, which means they don’t move from their original spot. Most neuroendocrine tumors grow slowly — over years, not months — compared with other types of tumors. Often, doctors can remove or shrink them with different treatments. Other therapies can make your symptoms better.”

Unexplained weight gain or loss, Jaundice, persistent fever or night sweats, headaches, anxiety, gastric ulcer disease are some symptoms of NET. Prior to being diagnosed with NET, Irrfan was reported to be suffering from jaundice.

Well, we wish him a super speedy recovery and urge his fans to keep him in prayers. Stay tuned for more updates on his health.

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