Is a Mastopexy with Augmentation Right for You?

Breast surgery, particularly augmentation, remains one of the most frequently performed of all cosmetic procedures. Quite often, women who have lost volume due to weight loss or pregnancy, or those who have never had a very large breast size, opt to undergo the augmentation procedure in order to enhance their contours with a natural-looking breast size increase.

Understanding the augmentation procedure

Most people simply refer to breast augmentation as breast implant surgery. Women who undergo this procedure select their implant type, whether saline or silicone, and select their desired size. The implants are then surgically placed during a relatively short surgery.

Most women are able to resume their normal active lifestyle within just four to six weeks after surgery.


The key concern facing some women is that the implant procedure alone will not have an impact on the placement of the breasts. If a woman undergoing the implant procedure has breasts that droop or are simply placed low, the implant is not going to correct any of these aesthetic issues.


This is why some cosmetic surgeons will recommend that they opt for a procedure known as mastopexy with augmentation.

How does the mastopexy benefit augmentation patients?

The mastopexy procedure is better known as a breast lift. Women who undergo this breast rejuvenation procedure are able to restore a much more youthful silhouette. Getting both of these procedures done simultaneously will help to avoid the need for multiple recoveries and multiple scars from more than one surgery.

Who is the best candidate for the augmentation and lift procedure?

The ideal patient is one who is in good overall health and who has realistic expectations about the types of results that the surgery can offer. A breast implant alone will only typically impact the upper pole of the breast, which means that if a woman has lost a lot of breast tissue, most often seen after weight loss, the implant won’t have sufficient support to keep it in place.

Women with more loose breast skin and breasts that are drooped lower as a result of pregnancy and age will be great candidates for this surgical procedure.

What kind of side effects can be expected?

As with any surgery, there are some side effects to be expected after getting breast implants and a lift. The most frequently seen side effects are typically swelling and bruising. The breast shape may change as the breasts go through the healing process. The final results of the procedure may not be seen for several months.

Some patients may experience discomfort after the procedure, and may also experience unusual bleeding and infection. If you do experience any complications, it’s important that you contact your surgeon swiftly so that they can be addressed.

How long is the recovery time?

The augmentation with mastopexy procedure does not typically require more recovery time than either one of the surgeries do alone. Most patients are able to return to work after a full week, but they should avoid any types of strenuous or vigorous activities for up to three weeks.

By the six to eight-week mark, post recovery, most patients are able to resume all of their favorite physical activities without restrictions.

Is the procedure considered to be safe?

All surgical procedures carry with them a very mild risk of complications. An experienced and qualified surgeon will carefully explain all of the risks so that you are able to make the best decisions to help you meet your cosmetic goals.

By and large, breast surgeries like the augmentation and lift are considered to be very safe and even routine for experienced surgeons.

Be sure to ask all of your questions and get those all-important answers from your surgeon prior to making the final decision to undergo the procedure.


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