Is Aishwarya’s Dialogue Valid From Ae Dil Hai Mushkil?

“Main kissi ki zaroorat nahi khwaish bana chahti hun”

In a world where we are not able to simply understand the difference between what the other person wants us for love or lust. In today’s fast-moving world, everything is happening at a really fast pace. Here are few points which will allow one to know if they are someone’s khwaish and not zaroorat:


  • They pour their heart out to you

The one who tells you everything without the fear of being judged loves you. They simply want to be a part of your life and want you to be part of theirs. A person who simply there for physical relation would not like to build an emotional connection. They would just like to appreciate ones physical attributes such as beauty and get started with their business.



  •  They make love to you

The one who loves would make love. They would consider your desires and wants. They would be bothered by your thoughts about them. They would not want to leave any opportunity to make you feel special.



  • They remember your things and don’t just focus on themselves

They would remember the minutes of details. A person who tends to remember the details shows that that person really does care. It shows that the person is not there simply there because of lust rather a stronger force which is love.



  • They love you no matter what

A person who would be there for the “zaroorat” or we could simply say lust won’t like to stick around in the time of hardship. They would only like to be in the time when they can have fun and enjoy themselves. A person who is there in thick and thin is a person one should never lose. They always have and always will love you.



  • They are scared of losing you

A person, who loves will always be scared to lose their loved one. They would not want to make their loved one upset for no rhyme or reason. They would always be bothered about making you upset. They will always try to make it up for that.


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