Is Daily Sex Good For Health? 6 Healthy Benefits Of Daily Sex, Read Below To Know

A healthy sex life benefits your overall health and there couldn’t be an any better way than to just make love with your partner every day. Apart from being just a reproductive benefit, healthy sex improves physical, mental, emotional, and social life too. Here are some health benefits of having sex every day.

1. Good Sleep

 Intense sex makes youR body releases happy hormones called oxytocin and endorphins the boost intimacy and urge to do it repeatedly. These sex hormones aids in better sleep and good sleep leads to:

  • Longer life
  • Strong immune system
  • Satisfied sleep
  • Keeps you an energetic whole day

2. Lowers Stress

Daily sex reduces stress by increasing endorphins hormones that are responsible for boosting sex moods. Don’t forget that sex is a form of exercise that is responsible for reducing stress and keeping you calm. Every time you are under stress, just make love to your partner. It is the fastest yet healthiest way to beat stress.

3. Reduces Risks of Blood Pressure

Well, excessive stress can result in the risk of developing blood pressure. The more you have sex, the more you’ll see that you are countering stress thereby preventing you from the risks of developing blood pressure. Masturbation also reduces the risks of blood pressure as it relaxes nerves and keeps your mind strong.

4. Makes You Look Younger

The morning glow is no longer an imagination. Suffering from acne or dry skin, consider having sex with your partner every day and you see that your skin is getting a vibrant texture. This natural glow can be attributed to stress being released and positive thinking. The more you do it, the more you’ll develop a healthy relationship.

5. Relieves Period Pain

Having sex during your periods can actually ease it down. It could be an uncomfortable feeling to do so, but it does help and there are fewer chances of getting pregnant.

6. Burns Calories


Looking to reduce weight? Regular sex is the best way to do that. Yes, daily sex is a natural way to burn calories. A highly sexually driven couple tends to burn an estimated 108 calories with 30minutes of sex. Try kissing too as it burns calories much faster.

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