Cheating is common these days and is more like a fashion. People nowadays don’t value emotions and are being heartless. If someone cares for anyone or love them unconditionally rather feeling obliged about that they start making boundaries and make themselves distance. This is very common these days. Emotional cheating is hard to explain as it depends from person to person. Everyone have their own expectations and demands in relationships be it emotional or physical.

These days people come in relationship just to show off that they have boyfriend or girlfriend and this show off results in shattering of the person who loves. Emotional cheating is generally when the person you love start getting attracted towards someone else. This can hurt even far more worse than physical cheating. Overcoming from the emotional breakdown after emotional cheating is very hard. Most of the time person goes into the depression. This is very common in teenagers nowadays. They handle things very immaturely and become the trap for themselves from which it is very hard to come out. There are no common explanations available why a person cheats. It depends from person to person as different person have different perceptions.

If being heartless is a trend then world is going to be a worst place to be in. Cheating is very immoral, unethical and disgusting on one’s part. This gives people lifetime lessons and in most of the cases it is seen that people are afraid to fall in love again. Committing suicide or falling for addictions like drugs, cigarette or alcohol are the some steps adopted by people to come out of this harsh and challenging situation.

One needs to understand in this case that if one cheats you emotionally then there is no room for forgiveness. Just take this as a challenge and get over it, be successful and it will be your biggest revenge.

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