Is Endemol And Salman Khan Being Biased With Umar Riaz?

As we all know Umar Riaz is one of the strong pillars of Bigg Boss 15,he was hardly known but now the entire nation knows him as Dr Umar Riaz. But don’t you think attacking below the belt and commenting on someone profession, is good?

If someone does a mistake, you tell them where they are going wrong but on the weekend ka vaar we saw literally Salman Khan calling him batameez and questioning him by his profession and we also saw that he dragged Asim Riaz who is an ex contestant as well as the 1st runner-up of Bigg Boss 13 who also happens to be Umar’s younger brother.

While, as just a day earlier Farah Khan was telling Umar that from bottom to the top he has raised his game and is doing amazing but why is Salman Khan talking like this?

Umar Riaz fans didn’t accept this and started tweeting by using various hashtags like ‘stay strong Umar Riaz’ ‘one man show Umar’ ‘stop defaming Dr Umar’ all these were the trending hashtags that broke many records within just a few hours when we as an audience can see his game why can’t Salman.

Many other ex contestants like Manu Punjabi, Nikki Tamboli and Himanshi Khurana spoke in favour of Umar Riaz and asked him to stay strong and Umar and Asim’s father also tweeted and asked them to stop it and he told that you are crossing all limits of decency and targeting the dignity of his sons

Why do you think the creative team is doing this? To hamper his game? To get him eliminated or have they already decided who must be the winner of this season and just trying to defame others?

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