Is It ‘Love By Chance’ Or Does Destiny Play A Role In Bringing People Together? Let’s Find Out!!

We’ve been told for centuries that marriages are made in heaven. We are tried to convince that two individuals marry because their fates have brought them together. We give all the credit to fate, and we believe it without questioning it. Though it is not wholly incorrect to say so, the statement is not always true.

It would be easier to explain the half-knowledge if we split the question into two parts: Are our marriages destined, and do we ever have free will?

Answering the first question with a straightforward “yes” or “no” is difficult. There are certain people who are born with a predestined partner. On the other hand, some do not. Many people may be surprised to learn that persons who have a predetermined partner are far less in number than those who do not.

So, in response to the first question, we may say that not every marriage is predestined.

The answer to the second question is now a loud “Yes.” We absolutely have the ability to exercise our free will. Everyone, in reality, possesses Free Will. People who do not have predestined relationships have the freedom to pick their companion.

To understand it better here is the concept of Destiny and Free Will.

You might have a predestined partner and before you meet that person you could be in a relationship or a number of relationships with anyone you want to. But, you should keep in mind that in this case you will get married only to the person who is destined for you. Here you used your free will to get into a relationship with a person of your liking. But, that relationship will only be temporary.

It is also possible that you already know your predestined partner but are not in a relationship with them. This is because the time has yet not come for destiny to play its part. The moment the time of union begins inching towards you, you will find yourself getting closer to your predestined partner.

So, to believe that you have someone written for you in your destiny is giving yourself false hopes. Because even if the union is predestined you need to put in some effort to make the union possible. Nothing will be presented to you on a platter. Though your marriage to a person might be predestined, you do need to put in a certain amount of effort. You need to always remember that your destiny will only extend a helping hand.

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