Is It Rape?

A 21 years old girl from UP Firozabad, came to Delhi to meet a Facebook friend. He promised to marry her and then established a physical relationship with her. When she went back to her home the boy backed out from his promise and told her not to contact him anymore. The world was over for her she was confused about what happened to her? Something seems wrong. When her family gets to know about this, they disowned her, and she came back to Delhi and started working in a call center.

She then decided to fight for herself. Many of you may are not aware that having sex and getting consent for it by doing false promises of marriage is considered rape. Such consents come under the misconception of the fact as per Section 90 of the Indian Penal code, and here the consent will not protect the accused, it will fall under Rape as defined under section 375 of the Indian Penal code.

She filed a complaint against him in the police station on 20th July 2021 and till now when she last visited the police station on 11 August 2021 her complaint was still pending. The answer she always heard is “we can’t do things fast for you”. And the accuser is now blackmailing her that if she does anything he will leak her video. So, the question is when will she be heard? Will she ever get justice for what has been done to her? How fast can the police work?

This was not the first time such a case has happened there are countless only a few came out and have the courage to fight for themselves. Many women didn’t even know that this is considered as rape. If one didn’t know that something wrong had happened to them then how will they even fight for justice? Obtaining consent with any kind of manipulation will be considered rape and if something similar had happened to you, raise your voice not just to fight for your own self but for others also. If these people get away without paying for their deeds, they will do the same with someone else.

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