Is Katrina’s Recent Post About Ranbir & Alia’s Relationship?

Actor Ranbir Kapoor and actress Alia Bhatt have been making headlines since few days because of the speculations about their relationship. The couple has been spotted at many events with each other in and chemistry between the duo can be seen easily. But people are assuming that the friendship between Alia and Katrina Kaif can act as a roadblock between Ranbir-Alia Relationship. After all, Katrina is Ranbir’s ex and the fact she has also been best friends with Alia for so many years is making everyone wonder what if she has broken all ties with Alia as well as Ranbir, now that they are openly going around.

Recently the cryptic message that Katrina posted on Instagram “I will believe it when I see it or I will see it when I believe it” is now being linked to Alia and Ranbir’s affair. But guess there’s an all new different side to this!

A source revealed that Katrina has moved on and such thing doesn’t affect her anymore. In fact, Katrina was the first person who got to know about Alia and Ranbir’relationship. Well nowadays Alia and Katrina growing friendship is clearly visible and Katrina’s love to Alia on Instagram on Raazi’s success a couple of days back is the recent proof.

Sources also revealed that Katrina and Alia are going to meet in the gym soon. Exes can’t control friendship and we are really glad that Katrina and Alia are dealing with this so maturely.

Talking about Alia and Ranbir professional life, they both will be sharing screen in their upcoming movie Brahmastra. The shooting of the first part of the movie have been completed already and the cast is now busy in scheduling the dates for the shoot of the next part as the movie will be released in two parts.


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