Is marriage really important?

In today’s world where the focus lies on the individual we come to believe that is it actually important to get married and lead a married life. The subject of marriage has always been a topic of debate. For all those who are contemplating marriage, here are top 5 reasons why marriage is important:

1.Stability in lives:

Marriage provides with the stability which everyone looks for in their personal life. It provides them with the comfort that when they come back home someone has their back. This helps them with a feeling of oneness and love. For an individual the feeling of acceptability and love is very important.
Marriage acts as a pillar of strength for an individual. It allows them to feel that when everything goes wrong there is still someone who loves them dearly and no matter what, will always be there with them.

2.The joy of kids:

Marriage provides an individual with the most beautiful joy of the world that is of having kids. Marriage is an important factor for having kids as the kid requires both its parents for a healthy upbringing.
Kids add colors to ones lives with the little sweet gestures they do. They are like little bundles of joy which add to great pleasure in ones lives. They act as a support system in old age as one can always forward to their company.

3.Constant companionship even in old age:

Marriage helps an individual in getting that lifelong companionship of love, support and harmony. When an individual gets old and does not have too many people to interact with they have their spouse who act as their constant support and provide them with unconditional love. It has been seen that the couple which stays together in old age tend to live longer than those who stay single. In old age unconditional love is very important which is provided by the spouse.

4.Helps in dealing with stress:

Marriage helps in reducing stress, anxiety and even depression to an extent because an individual gets unconditional support from home. Even if an individual is bothered and upset with the people at work place or outside they know that once they are back home they have an individual who would love unconditionally.
The acceptability of the spouse also adds in lowering of stress. The people who tend to remain single for life miss onto the support system that this union provide.

5.Psychological safety:

An individual tends to have a sense of safety when they are married. They are psychologically in a state of peace that they have their own family, with whom they can live the way they want to. They feel safe about the fact that even in any dire circumstances; they have their spouse as their pillar of support. Married people have someone in life even when other people leave them in the time of distress. This psychological support is very important for an individual in life.


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